You Can Now Send Crypto Through Venmo.


No you are not high because it’s 4/20 and reading that headline wrong. Venmo has jumped feet first into the deep end of the Crypto pool.

Venmo users can now buy and sell crypto currencies, including Bitcoin.. On the app.

CNBC “Starting Tuesday, Venmo will show users a new feature that lets them invest in four different cryptocurrencies — bitcoin, ether, litecoin and bitcoin cash — with a minimum spending requirement of $1. They can also share their crypto purchases with friends through Venmo’s social feed.”


Venmo, who is owned by PayPal has more than 70 million users worldwide. This is now another step in the crypto to mainstream journey.

Imagine in 2035 when you finished a round golfing on the moon. You put your hover cart away and your buddy owes you for the round. “Just Venmo it to me in Bitcoin.”

The future is now.

Some say Bitcoin and Crypto is a big bubble ready to burst. Well, Venmo just said put some more air into the bubble baby let’s ride.


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