Which 4 Round Draft Would You Prefer? Howie Roseman Vs Fan Base Edition

With reports swirling around that Howie Roseman basically ignores his scouting team to select the guys he likes compared to the guys the scouting team feels would fit, I had to write a piece on how different a draft class would look if the fans had control of the draft compared to Howie Roseman. I’m pretty sure we all know Howie’s drafting methods for drafting and I’ll try to be as accurate as can be.

Round 1 Pick 12

Howie Roseman: Kwity Paye 6’2 261 lbs DE Michigan

This seems like the obvious Howie Roseman move. He is obsessed with the trenches and rightfully so. The offensive line and defensive line are major in teams success, but this would be another typically “I like this guy” selection for Roseman.

Paye is a presser rusher who didn’t finish a lot of plays out. What I mean by that is he didn’t tally a bunch of sacks. Roseman is a sucker for pressures which is actually smart, but with various other glaring needs this would feel like a forced pick. I also feel there are 2-3 better edge rushers in this class.

Fan Base: Jaylen Waddle 5’9 180 lbs WR Alabama

Jaylen Waddle just makes too much sense for the Eagles that it would be idiotic not to try and get him. Just drafting Jalen Hurts last season to ultimately replace Carson Wentz, you have to do everything in your power to get him a weapon he’s comfortable with. That screams Waddle. They played together in Alabama and both have spoken very fondly of each other.

You can preach that the Eagles just took Jalen Reagor last season yada yada, but for a 2nd round QB who realistically is starting his rookie year of being a full time starter you need to surround him with as many weapons as possible. Having two speed demons with open field home run potential receivers in Reagor and Waddle, you’d be make life so much simpler for Hurts to get the ball out quick and easily.

Round 2 Pick 37

Howie Roseman: Landon Dickerson 6’6 333 lbs C Alabama

As a big time Landon Dickerson fan, I’d stand up on the bar top for this pick. Again with the trenches pick for Howie Roseman. I’d like this pick more than Paye at 12. You don’t know how long Jason Kelce has left knowing he’s contemplated retirement the past few seasons. Better to get yourself a center who can sit back and learn from the best center in the NFL for a season or two and take over the job as soon Kelce hangs up his cleats.

Depth at the center position is also a huge component to have on any football team. Jason Kelce is an iron man, but anything can happen on any given Sunday.

Dickerson has a injury history so that’s alittle concerning, but his projection as a starter if he stays healthy is too high to ignore. A+ pick for Howie.

Fan Base: Eric Stokes 6’1 195 lbs CB Georgia

Year after year this fan base struggles seeing our cornerbacks getting dusted by wide receivers for 40+ yard receptions. That can’t keep happening, so with the selection of Stokes you’re hoping that continues. Stokes is a man press corner who in my opinion has the best deep coverage and speed in the draft. Running a 4.28 40 yard dash at his pro day, it’s easy to see why his draft stock has risen.

Stokes has his flaws. He’s not a great run defender, and he plays the receiver more than looking for takeaways, but if you really thinking about it most of the time we got burnt down field is because our cornerbacks would try to cheat and jump the double move for a pick instead of playing the man. Stokes would come in as a different type of cornerback then Howie usually takes, but in a Jonathan Gannon based defense, you need a taller, physical, and athletic cornerback to press off the line and battle the receiver the whole route.

Round 3 Pick 70

Howie Roseman: Amon-Ra St. Brown 6’0 197 lbs WR USC

If there’s one thing we know about Howie Roseman it’s that 9 out of 10 times he’s going to take a Pac-12 receiver at some point in the draft. Amon-Ra St. Brown with the 70th pick isn’t a horrible take, but there are other receivers likely to be there that I’d prefer. St. Brown is a smooth athlete with really good instincts. Has above average deep ball tracking and does a good job with body control through contact.

With that being said, St. Brown lacks the burst and footwork needed for a Nick Sirianni based offense. He also doesn’t block very well and that’s one thing absolutely needed in this type of offense.

Like I said I don’t hate the pick, but I’m not in love it it either.

Fan Base: Payton Turner 6’5 270 lbs DE Houston

This is a pick the fan base may not really know, but should get to know. Payton Turner is a deal of nature. His combination of size and length is rare. Has unique twitch and get off for his size. Very explosive defensive end who is very disruptive.

With Brandon Graham reaching retirement soon, and Derek Barnett becoming a free agent next year, it’s time to start thinking about the next generation of Eagles edge rushers. Turner can come in and wreck havoc right away due to his NFL ready skills and body.

Round 3 Pick 84

Howie Roseman: Paulson Adebo 6’1 200 lbs CB Stanford

Another infamous Pac-12 selection for Howie Roseman ladies and gentlemen. This selection of Paulson Adebo screams a Roseman pick.

I’m not a huge fan of Abebo, but there are some traits you can’t deny he possesses. Adebo is a ballhawk of a cornerback. His bigger frame allows him to knock receivers off balance off the line, especially in press release. Very aggressive at the catch point and fights and challenges the receiver.

That being said his weaknesses to me outweigh his strenghts. He’s got very narrow and stiff hips. His body control and balance are iffy. Absolutely absent in the run game. The big flaw I see is he gets caught tryna to cheat and jump the route too often and gets beat more often than I’d like.

These things can be fixed, but I wouldn’t jump for joy with this selection.

Fan Base: Hunter Long 6’5 254 lbs TE Boston College

TIGHT END FACTORY! Yes a tight end in the 3rd round 3 years after taking one in the 2nd.

Pairing Hunter Long and Dallas Goedert together would give you one of the best tight end duos in the NFL. Goedert and Long both having the ability to block and become a receiver gives Sirianni the ability to utilize two tight end sets as much as he’d like. Sirianni has made it known how much he loves his tight ends and this pick should easily be made.

Round 4 Pick 123

Howie Roseman: Josh Ball 6’7 308 lbs OT Marshall

I know I know, Howie went trenches once again, but we know that’s how he rolls. I honestly wouldn’t blame him seeing how badly the teams offensive line was last season.

Josh Ball is a fluid athlete who possesses strong hands and plays angry. Has a finishers demeanor and has a grit to him teams will love.

He had issues while at Florida State that cause him to leave the program, but has been out of trouble since. The football player is a guy I feel Howie would easily select.

Fan Base: Wyatt Davis 6’4 315 lbs G OSU

Wyatt Davis has saw a drop in his draft stock due to his knee injury, but that’s where you usually find your gems. In this case, if Davis is there you hop right on this selection. He’s got a mean streak in him and plays physical and aggressive. Something the Eagles haven’t had from the guard position in quite some time. He also is flexible enough to anchor down and stop the bull rush. Has incredibly quick hands, especially his punch.

He’s a bit smaller than you’d like you guards to be but his strength makes up for it. The biggest flaw in his game is his short area quickness to close gaps against the rush/blitzers. That can be taught, but you’d like to see that improve.

This selection is solely an upside pick but Davis is a slouch by any means.

There you have it. Two different 4 round drafts from Howie Roseman’s draft history methods and the draft thought process of a fan.

Which would you choose?

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