My Daughter Is Officially A Phillies Fan Favorite

Full disclosure, I made this video while I was waiting for my wife to get home so we could head to the Phillies game. I thought, hey it might be cute to have her do the starting line up because her voice sounds like an adorable flute. I didn’t think everyone in the Delaware Valley area was going to have their entire hearts melted. Shame on me for not seeing it coming.

But now I have to have her do more of these right? I don’t want to do it every day because like any good thing, you never want to beat a dead horse and turn something entertaining into something corny. But I’m thinking one a week to feed the Phillies fans out there. The question I have is this, when are the Phillies going to invite her to do it on the big screen? Has to happen right? We had the piano girl blow up, Ava is (IMHO) 1000000X more adorable. She could be the face of the Phillies 2021 season. Get her in the end of season year book.

There is only one slight problem, if she blows up every tweet, how do I mentally deal with that? How do I deal with her being more of an internet personality than me? I live on the internet. Twitter is the first and last thing I look at everyday. She’s 2.5. I can’t have a toddler on the internet running laps around me. They say raising a kid is tough, but they never tell you about them becoming internet sensations before you. That’s the real struggle.

Go Phillies!

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