The La Salle Explorers Are The Best Story in All of College Baseball – @JamesSantore

A global pandemic. A cancellation of the baseball program. And a season for the ages. La Salle baseball is the story that you need to be paying attention to. 

This blog isn’t about our efforts to reinstate the program. Instead, it’s a story of how a team banded together in the worst of times to shock the baseball world, and even more so – the administration of the school they are representing. 

A team that is literally being told they have to leave a place that they chose to call home is now sitting atop the standings in the Atlantic 10 with a record of 20-11 and riding a six game win streak at a critical time in the season.

ImageWhat’s even more impressive is the following:

  1. They had zero team practices in the Fall
  2. Five starters/top pitchers transferred as a result of the program being cut
  3. They are doing all of this without the knowledge of what happens next

Baseball is a game that is dominated by those with an ability to control the mental side of the game. With that being considered, imagine the mental toll these past few months have taken on these players. (Mental health is something that is talked about frequently with athletes today until money comes into play. Strange, huh?) 

These guys have channeled all of the negative energy associated with cutting a program into the best start in program history since 1985 (in which the team made the NCAA Tournament with a school record 31 wins). 

Freshman (!!) RHP Frank Ellisalt has posted a 4-1 record with a 3.78 ERA and has 67 strikeouts in just 47.2 IP and has led a La Salle pitching staff that continues to stifle opposing offenses, while Nick DiVietro, Tatem Levins, and Ryan Guckin are leading an offense that has come alive in a big way in the past few weeks. The Explorers have a real chance to make some noise in the A10 playoffs – and beyond – this season if their play continues.


La Salle is a special place, and the baseball program is an integral part of that. Let’s rally around this special team in a time where they need it most. And hey, who knows, maybe, just maybe, they can shock the world and we can give another generation of ballplayers the chance to be Explorers.

I asked Coach Dave Miller what he wants the public to know. He said only one thing:

Follow La Salle’s success this season on Twitter (@LaSalleBase) and Instagram (@LaSalle_Bsb).

If you would like to find out more about how you can help our mission to #SaveLaSalleBASE and reinstate the team, please email me at

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