Demi Lovato Is At War With A Local Froyo Store For Serving Diet And Sugar Free Foods


Ever since Demi Lovato banished her twin sister Poot to the basement of their childhood home, I’ve not really been a big Demi Lovato girl. She has a beautiful voice and overall I like her to be happy but I hate to say I’m getting kind of sick of her. Sorry if that offense the Lovatonators? Lovators? Demigoddesses?

It all started where most controversies do–a local yogurt shop. While visiting the story to indulge in a little cheat day meal, Demi was visually accosted by *gasp* A SUGAR FREE COOKIE. Naturally the conflict moved to a place build for positive interaction and growth, an IG story with a clever hashtag. Demi started not only posting tweets as Instagram stories tagging the culprit @TheBigChillOfficial, but then began a paragraph DM war with the local business owners, as most millionaire celebrities tend to do.

The offending restaurant claims they are “catering to the needs of their customers” and “serving people with health related dietary restrictions”. I know right? Get a load of these guys. Nothing makes froyo companies tremble in fear more than hearing the words “you don’t wanna mess with me”.

Demi Lovato, on the other hand, alleges that having sugar free and diet options is insensitive to those with eating disorders as they visit their local yogurt shop. As if living in LA wasn’t enough, they now have to simply pass by a vegan sherbert option on the way to the sprinkle waffle cones? People with diabetes, celiac, dairy sensitivity? Suck it up, it’s not always about you.

Demi would like the local froyo shop to simply label their food options by the debilitating illness they are associated with. Have IBS? Come on over and get your IBS cookies! Everyone jump in line for the diabetes special of the day!

Not very on brand for The Big Chill, the business owners defended themselves against these insensitive acts the international pop star unnecessarily put on her public social media profile to hundreds of millions of people.

After some internal reflection, Demi has now actually formally apologized to the local business, citing the fact that “being a celebrity is exhausting sometimes”. She is bravely willing to work with the froyo shops marketing department to ensure the messaging encourages a safe place for her to return.


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