The Biggest Issue Facing The Sixers Right Now Is One You May Not Expect

**Editor’s Note: This article was written Monday, April 19th after the 76ers loss to the Warriors. Since the time of posting, the Sixers have lost to the Suns at home on Wednesday followed by a loss on the road to the Bucks on Thursday. Both loss have come wearing these uniforms. The Sixers have now lost five straight wearing these uniforms. They have just one win in said uniforms. On the season, they have just seven home losses, but five of them have come while wearing the New Philadelphia jerseys.


If I could describe what it must’ve felt like for Voldemort when he got a horcrux destroyed, it would be watching Steph Curry drain a three against your favorite team. It what was an exasperating loss to the Warriors, Curry cooked the Sixers to the tune of 49 points as he continues his ungodly hot streak.


You may be thinking to yourself, the Sixers lost tonight because they were down Tobias Harris and Ben Simmons. And yes, the offense tensed up late without their closer in Harris and it would’ve certainly been ideal to have Simmons take his turn trying to contain Curry. But the real reason the Sixers lost tonight, and the only thing holding them back…these New Philadelphia Gentrification uniforms:


If my math checks out (wasn’t my strongest subject in school), the Sixers have won just ONE game while wearing these abominations. It was a grind it out overtime win against the Knicks. They’ve lost their last three games while wearing the uniforms. There was the lackluster performance on the road where Zion pulverized them. They lost to the Bucks at home where they blew a double digit second half lead without Joel Embiid. Then of course tonight, Steph Curry flat out torched them. They also lost to the Nuggets wearing the New Philadelphia jerseys in what was the COVID debacle game where they only had seven people. And in what was one of there few truly bad losses of the year, they lost at home to the Cavs in Overtime.


The Sixers have lost just 6 home games all season, FOUR of them have been while wearing the New Philadelphia uniforms.


The Boathouse Row City edition jerseys (no one calls them that) have been a disaster since their introduction. They were teased as the return of the Allen Iverson Era black uniforms. The entire fan base was led to believe it would be a return of retro uniforms, which killed any enthusiasm for this jersey design when they were unveiled. And then some Colangelo holdover named Chris Heck, gave this elitist BS speech to justify the uniforms:



What a moron. This sounds like code speak for some upper class white guy who lives in Philadelphia now because the rent prices and taxes were so astronomical in New York City. Unless you are a financial advisor who lives in Villanova and buys this jersey for your son, this jersey isn’t for you. People who support New Philadelphia are the 1% who want to spit on you and me. And now they’ve infiltrated our precious basketball team.


The New Philadelphia  uniforms are an abomination and a slap in the face to any hard working 9-5’er in the Philadelphia area. To make matters worse, they’ve become the Achilles heel for a really great basketball team. If the Sixers end up playing a Game 7 in Brooklyn, remember the nights they were held back by this jersey omen.


FYI, there is a website where you can search upcoming uniform combinations for every NBA team. Let’s just say Devin Booker is going for 40 on Wednesday.



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