Joel Embiid Wins MVP, We’re All Getting Free Tacos

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Listen, some things are bigger than sports. Joel Embiid has the opportunity here to do something bigger than himself and the NBA. He has a chance to feed a very hungry fan base. Hungry for an NBA championship, but more importantly, tacos.

That’s it, write it in stone. Embiid wins the MVP award and Zach is quitting his 9-5 (I have no idea what he does or his hours) and chasing his dreams. Starting a taco food truck business and giving back to the city. What’s more American than that?

And think about the 30 for 30 that would come from this. I can see it now. Opening scene is a close up of this guy serving up some tasty breakfast tacos and as it pans out you see the 2021 Sixers NBA champions memorial behind the truck. Then an interview with Zach about how Embiid’s MVP campaign put the wheels in motion for him to change his life.

“What if I told you, one man’s dominance on the court could feed an entire city. ESPN’s 30 for 30 presents: MV-Pico De Gallo.”

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