The Eagles Want To Be (Back) In the Top 10 of the NFL Draft

We are now less than two weeks away from the NFL Draft, and the rumors are really buzzin now! The draft board has essentially taken shape. GM’s have a pretty sold idea of the range in which each individual prospect will land. So if you are over the moon about someone but they’re not in your range, it’s time to talk trades.

Therefore, the Eagles may be doing just that. Ben Standig of The Athletic reports, the Eagles may be coming back to the Top 10 after all:

Full disclaimer, I am a 9-5 peasant making entry level salary trying to figure out life. Long story short, I don’t have a subscription to The Athletic. BUT, I have read the tweets of people who have read the article. The premise is, the Eagles would like to be more in control of their own draft destiny.

The Cowboys and Giants drafting ahead of the Eagles is like walking into an auto body shop, you know you’re about to get screwed over in some way. Can’t trust them. So, for the Eagles to take matters into their own hands and try to jump to 7 or 9 makes sense. Better that than another CeeDee Lamb debacle where a desired prospect falls, but not far enough and ends up with a rival.

It’s a wise move to looking into trading up but let’s take a moment to laugh at this entire scenario unfolding. They want to move up so they have a chance at a few players who wouldn’t be there at 12. They went through the most miserable season they’ve had since the turn of the century. They were scrutinized to wits end about tanking a Week 17 game to end up with the sixth pick. They endured all that, just to trade out of it, and now come back begging and crawling. They took themselves out of the Kyle Pitts and Ja’Marr Chase running. And we’ll spend the whole year chastising another quarterback who has no weapons to throw to.

Here’s hoping this tweet is exactly how it plays out. But, I’m mentally ready for a trade back for a developing defensive end project:


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