Ben Simmons With A BOLD Prediction

Read this tweet and thought, wow, that is really putting it out there. Because if it doesn’t come together people will drag you for it.

Ben Simmons predicting an NBA championship this season.

I love it. Not even going to try and hide it. Why wouldn’t I be all about this. This is basically what Jimmy Rollins said about the Phillies in 07 and in 08. Now once again, that team backed it up with a title. Neeeeeeeed this team to do the same. I don’t hink it has to be this year but yeah, why not?

ESPN has the Sixers as an 81% chance of clinching the top spot in the East. And they need it. It’s no secret that this team is completely different on the road than they are at home. I don’t love their chances of having to go into Brooklyn four times in a series. But the Nets coming to Philly? That’s a game changer.

Also this team is elite when they have their starting roster out there and healthy. They’ve shown that all season. When Embiid plays the Sixers can’t be stopped. He is the MVP hands down in my opinion, either way you determine to say what does most valuable mean. Ben is the DPOY and you have Harris playing out of his mind. Why can’t this team win the East? And once you’re in the finals who knows. Lakers are banged up. The Suns are beatable. The Clippers aren’t what everyone thought they’d be.

Why not the Sixers?

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