After Beating The Nets Ben Simmons Will Not Stop Talking

I wish I saw this last night before we recorded Drunk Off PNR because this is so funny. Speaking of Drunk Off PNR you can listen by clicking here.

Love the confidence and if the Sixers win it than no one bats an eye. Saying it with over a month until the playoffs start when you’ve never been close before, while also being an occasional liability on offense, is a bit much. I do respect the confidence though. BUT this dudes gotta shut the fuck up about being DPOY.

I’m sure we all remember when Ben Simmons scored 42 on Gobert and declared himself the clear DPOY afterwards. I’m sure we’ve all seen many tweets actually showing Simmons going 3-7 when Gobert defended him. It is just so crazy to call yourself the DPOY because you scored 42 points on I don’t even know, Jordan Clarkson?

Now in today’s funny Simmons quotes we have this.

How dumb can you be?

I think this will be the best way to break it down trying to use Ben Simmons’ clearly bias and flawed logic.

Simmons vs the Jazz: 42 points shooting 57% from the field and 92% from the free throw line (which I have to assume is a career high for him, he shot 13 FTs only missed 1 and is a career 59% FT shooter). Simmons shot 3-7 when guarded by Gobert in this game.

Kyrie vs the Sixers: 37 points shooting 59% from the field. When Kyrie was guarded by Simmons he went 1-2.

So, in the same breath Kyrie scoring 37 doesn’t matter to Simmons and shouldn’t affect him winning DPOY because the Sixers won and Kyrie had a negative plus/minus (-13). I feel it’s important to note Simmons was a -1 in +/- in this game. BUT in Simmons head Gobert can’t be DPOY because he had 42 vs the Jazz, he conveniently decides to leave out the fact that the Sixers lost that game and that he was a -5 +/-.

It just doesn’t make sense. How does one game matter but the other doesn’t when the exact same thing happened?!

Even if what Simmons was saying made any sense, which it doesn’t, yelling about you deserve an award is such a cornball move. It was corny when Lebron did it about being MVP. It was corny when Gobert did it about the All Star game. It’s corny when Simmons does it now. This dude is just the lamest Australian of all time. Aussies are pretty well regarded as being cool. Not this one.

Being at Branded gives me the opportunity that I normally wouldn’t have. I get to write this and have a direct line of communication with Sixers fans. So, I ask you Philly. Try your best to take the homer glasses off and let’s be honest. I’ve laid out the situation and the stats in an easy to see way, can we all agree this is a double standard and Simmons just wants to win the award? I’m not saying he shouldn’t win it, he probably should but you can’t have it both ways like he is presenting it and I hope as people who can read and see we can agree.

One last thing. I was wrapping up the blog when I thought of this. I don’t know if you can brag about prepping to defend KD but because he is out you defend Kyrie when you didn’t defend him for the whole game. Kyrie shot the ball 22 times and Simmons defended him on only 2 of those shots. You don’t get to brag about being versatile and having to guard Kyrie because KD is out when you barely did that.

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