(Video) Golf Course Fight With A Flag Used As A Weapon

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Anything that happens on a golf course is some how funnier. Can’t explain it, it just is and this fight is no different. We’ve got two big boys rumbling and I can’t get enough of it. Some questions I have from the jump. Why are there so many people on the green? These tee times like 3 minutes apart? No reason for this much activity on the green at the same time.

Next question, why is no one stopping the guy with the flag? You want to let the boys be boys and duke it out a bit, makes senses. But the second the guy with double Ds grabs a weapon and swings it around all willy nilly. It’s time to step in. Just can’t let some fat degenerate crack you friend’s skull in with the 17th flag. Also what would spark this level of out rage from these two? Someone cheating? Most likely not the case. More likely is someone took the last bud heavy and left only miller lite. Which to these two is basically a hate crime.

All I can say is this……GOLF IS BACK BABY!!!!!

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