Look Who Is In The Starting Line Up For The Phillies Today…….

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Ignore Matt Joyce leading off. Not a huge fan of that but take a peak down at the 8th spot………..

Oh yeah. The Mick is finally getting a start. Now listen, I personally don’t think the kid is ready to be an everyday starter. He came up last year a completely shit the bed. Batting .214 and striking out 46% of his plate appearances. Not ideal but CF has been a huge hole for the Phillies. They really need to have he who shall not be named starting. Clearly they don’t want to deal with the media headache so next best option I guess is the rook. No one take this as if I’m not rooting for the guy, I am big time. Just not completely there to say he’s ready. He has under performed in the minors of the course of the last two seasons as well as the majors. Fingers crossed something changes.

Phillies need a turn around here somewhere.

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