Jacoby Brissett Gives Glowing Praise About Nick Sirianni

AJ Torres

A lot of the Philadelphia Eagles fan base were not and still aren’t big fans of Nick Sirianni from the beginning. Then he sat at his first press conference and was nervous and got buried for it. I’m not worried about all that. I’m worried if he can connect with the players and understands the X’s and O’s.

According to Jacoby Brissett, he understands just that. Brissett goes on to say Sirianni understands how to relay information to all of his players regardless of personality. Which is huge in my opinion. You have to be able to communicate with every player because they all take in information differently.

Another thing that caught my ear was that Sirianni comes prepared for everything and anything. That’s something that Doug Pederson did not do and did not adjust. To hear Brissett say Sirianni comes prepared for any scenario and will adjust is absolutely lovely to hear.

I’m one of the few who has high hopes for Sirianni and I hope he proves me right.


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