Another Flyer Set For NHL Debut


Well Flyers fans it’s time for another gameday…this time against our cross state rivals the Pittsburgh Penguins. Usually, these are the games that we look forward to as Flyers fans. I don’t think I’m alone here when I say I’m not really looking forward to tonight’s game.

Of course, I’ll be watching because no matter how bad this team is I’m going to tune in. But, I am going into this game fully expecting them to lose. The other night against the Capitals was just an embarrassing performance and there was no heart shown by this team. They got blown out and its been a common theme this season and it’s beyond frustrating with how much potential this team had. Maybe tonight will be a little different but I have my doubts.

One thing that appears to be different heading into tonight’s game is the lineup. At this point I am all for any and all lineup changes because it is time to see what some of these younger guys have. It appears tonight one of those guys might get his chance…

Based off these tweets its appears like we may get our first look at Wade Allison. The 23 year old right winger seems to be in line to have his NHL debut tonight. We will have to wait to hear from AV for confirmation but I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t give the kid a shot to see what he has. Allison had 9 point in 8 games with the Phantoms this season and last year in his senior season at Western Michigan he had 23 points in 26 games.

It’ll be interesting to see what, if any other lineup changes are made for tonight’s game. While the season isn’t over yet the Flyers currently sit 6 points out of the fourth and final playoff spot in the East division. It’s an uphill battle that is pretty much impossible so do yourself a favor and don’t get your hopes up even if they pull out a win tonight. It’ll be better for your mental health to accept they aren’t making the playoffs and just hope to see some kind of better effort night in and night out.

Flyers and Penguins faceoff at 7:00pm tonight and make sure to check out the @ginger_thread Flyers pregame show starting at 6:30 with myself and Kelsey.

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