NFL Source: Eagles Remain Interested In Trade For Deshaun Watson

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This article actually made me stop dead in my tracks.

SI: It so happens that the Eagles, in addition to owning the No. 12 overall pick this year (again, the timing is unlikely to work there), figure to end up with three first-round picks in the 2022 NFL Draft. (The third one would be the result of Wentz being the full-time starter for the Colts).

That trade could be executed any time after this draft, with Houston moving on to Tyrod Taylor as the starter, enduring one more empty-cupboard season but then “owning” the 2022 NFL Draft. It could also be executed in a way that for Philadelphia comes a) cheaper than it otherwise would have, b) with Hurts still the starter should Watson be suspended for part of the 2021 season and c) maybe with contingencies attached to the picks, just as the Wentz trade has attached. It has been speculated that a Watson trade may be months away. It’s even been speculated that a swap is “impossible.” We’re not sure that is so. Some level of clarity could come before that. Some level of risk-taking by a bidder could as well.

I mean this just can’t be true….right? Watson is up to his eyes in legal trouble, there is no way the Eagles would still be interested in making a move for him. That is unless they feel confident that 1. he wouldn’t be found guilty for any wrong doing or that the NFL wouldn’t suspend him indefinitely. Which honestly might be the case seeing that the NFL is the most spineless company in the world.

Or 2. the price for Watson has gotten so low that the risk/reward says take a shot. If they have some type of plan in place for picks that they trade. Let’s say they offer a pair of first round picks to Houston and made it contingent that Watson can’t be suspend for a certain time for them to convert. I guess it would offer some type of appeal to the Eagles. But if you’re Houston, no way you’d take that.

If the Texans are going to move on from Watson they want to know that if he is found of any wrong doing he’s not going to be shipped back. Also I’m shocked to see that the Eagles would even still be kicking the tires on him right now. Everyday it feels like more and more people are coming out saying they were sexually assaulted. If you’re Philadelphia you have to wait and see what the truth is before pulling a trigger on a deal like this. And for the record, we are most likely months away from any type of resolution to this situation. So I don’t see Watson playing a down of football this season. Not until there is a full investigation and even if that comes back with no evidence, there is the fact that he doesn’t want to be there.

Houston Texans are a dumpster fire right. Hard to imagine but think they’d rather be living the David Carr days again.

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