Ludwig Breaks Ninjas Sub Record On Twitch


A subathon that he thought would last only 24 hours has lasted 24 days. Ludwig has been live, 24/7, for TWENTY FOUR DAYS. We’ve seen him sleep, eat, shower, game and everything in between. After 3 years he went from unknown streamer to the most subbed person ever. Ninja set this record when he went live with Drake playing Fortnite and I think most people never thought that record would break.

Lud now has over 270k subs. That’s all the money. He might buy Bezos at this point. At $5 a pop that’s a solid month. Admittedly, he’s not getting $5 every sub. Twitch takes a cut, he’s going to pay his mods who handled the stream while he was asleep and half of what he ends up taking home after California taxes him is going to charity. Don’t get it twisted though, rich guy is getting PAID.

I’m excited to see how long he stays on as a streamer. He said his goal when he started was to be the biggest streamer. Check. He’s also said this isn’t his end goal so I’m excited to see where this takes him. I’m also bias because he’s from like two towns over from me. It’s basically Ludwig, Adam Sandler and than me (obviously). That’s the cream of the crop from this forgotten state.

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