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Patriot fans, I am going to bring you back to reality after a fun filled day…

Julian Edelman – Retires
Congratulations as after his 12-year career with the New England Patriots, Wide Receiver Julian Edelman announces his retirement. Julian Edelman was an exceptionally good wide receiver in a system that happened to fit his skillset perfectly. I have a lot of respect for a guy that was a 7th round draft pick and put in the work, the time, and the effort, to become a legit WR who contributed to the success of his team in winning multiple Super Bowls. Rumor is Edelman made the team over Greg Lewis in 2009 solely based on a great punt return in the 2009 preseason. As the saying goes, hard work pays off and he earned every dollar and every minute of playing time.  

“Is Julian Edelman a Hall of Famer”

I saw a post yesterday on bleacher that made me laugh and inspired me to write this article as I was fired up. That post read “Is Julian Edelman a Hall of Famer”. HELLLLL NOO. No disrespect but the simple and yet obvious answer is NO.
A smart man once told me that if the player in question needs to be thought about, then the answer should be no. There needs to be no doubt when selecting a Hall of Famer and there is plenty of doubt when it comes to Edelman. Some food for thought…Was Edelman ever the best player at his position? No, he was not. Ever. Actually he was never even close to being the best at his position. Did he change the game? No. He did not.  
Yes, he played well during the playoffs however, his stats are severely high and misleading as he played in the playoffs in 9 out of 11 years (cough thanks Tom Brady, cough cough). Haha. Seriously though, he had Tom Brady as the QB for every one of those 9 playoff visits and 19 playoff games. Another tally to go against him is his failure to stay healthy throughout his career.  He only played the full season over the course of 3 seasons (2013, 2016, 2019). He also only managed to put up 1000 receiving yards over the course of 3 seasons (2013, 2106, 2019).

Cris Carter – Hall of Famer – Wide Receiver

Some people consider Cris Carter to be a top 10 WR of All-Time. I am one of those guys. Hands like glue and he pretty much invented the sideline catch which did change the game. Yeah, that guy, number 80 on the Vikings. Here are his stats during a time that the NFL was not offensive minded, and defense was much different: 1101 receptions, 13899 yards, and 130 touchdowns. Not to mention, his QB’s were not even close to being compared to the caliber of Tom Brady. He led the NFL in receptions in 1994 with 122 and led the NFL in touchdowns in 1995 (17), 1997 (13), & 1999 (13). That is 4 more than Edelman who has never led the NFL in neither receptions nor touchdowns.  

“That is 4 more than Edelman who has never led the NFL in neither receptions nor touchdowns.”

Now, do you know how long it took Cris Carter to get into the Hall of Fame? 6 ridiculous years. After 6 years, and 5 finalist selections, he was finally voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on February 2, 2013.  

Cris Carter
Career: 234 Games, 59 Yards Averaged Per Game, 1101 Receptions, 13899 Yards, 130 Touchdowns, 14 Playoff Games.
Julian Edelman  
Career: 137 Games, 50 Yards Averaged Per Game, 620 Receptions, 6822 Yards, 36 Touchdowns, 19 Playoff Games.


I am aware that Carter has played 97 more games than Edelman so let’s run some numbers working with averages. Based on Edelman’s career numbers, if we were to add another 97 games to his career to match Carter, his stats would look something as follows:
234 Games, 50 Yards Averaged Per Game, 1059 Receptions, 11652 Yards, 62 Touchdowns
He would still lose in every category and that is to assume he kept his averages. Now I know the argument is that it was Julian’s postseason stats that put up the HOF argument but let’s be honest, he only had one great postseason in 2018. That’s it. “But what about that one play when he…” yes, he has also come up with the occasional big play however so do all good players as that is what they are expected to do. That is why they play in the NFL. So again, No, Julian Edelman does not belong in the Hall of Fame.  

After all the hate I do want to say again, Congratulations to Julian Edelman on a great career. Also I do believe Julian should be in the Patriots Ring of Honor. Guys like you, small in stature and always putting up a fight were someone I would root for as it is relatable for me. So, it’s not the hate, it’s just the honesty. Good luck in the next stage of your life.  

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