Can We Just Let Edelman Retire Peacefully And Stop Debating If He Belongs In The Hall Of Fame?


Upon learning of Julian Edelman’s retirement from his glorious 12 year career as a 7 round draft pick, college QB turned NFL wide receiver (punt returner and sometimes DB), 3x Super Bowl Champion, Super Bowl MVP and one of the toughest players ever, two things immediately happened on Twitter.

First, the callers of Boston radio flooded the line with immense hatred for Wes Welker, bringing him into a conversation that really has no relevance to the situation at hand. Sure, both are sub 6′ white wide receivers who played the slot position for the Patriots over the course of this dynasty. But why do we need to use this opportunity when discussing Edelman’s greatness to criticize Wes Welker, without whom there may be no Julian Edelman. Full transparency Wes Welker is my favorite Patriot and football player of all time so while I may be a bit biased, anyone that questions Wes’ dominance, statistics and success in the NFL because of one catch in one Super Bowl can quite frankly go fuck themselves. No one that has this opinion is worth a moment of my time on Twitter or on WEEI’s airwaves.

Second, the debate of “Is Edelman A Hall Of Famer?” began. There is nothing people love fighting more about despite having less control over than who belongs in the Hall of Fame like it some sort of sacred mausoleum.

As a Patriots fan, it’s hard to separate any bias and evaluate Julian Edelman’s career against players like Randy Moss and Megatron. Julian Edelman is part of our DNA as Boston sports fans. If you asked me if I had one down of football to play and needed one catch to win the game, I’d put Edelman on the field before any name on that list.

If I had a vote I’d put Edelman on as a first ballot, but the good news for everyone that triggered is that I don’t have a vote! No one cares what I think about Edelman’s status as a Hall of Famer! No one cares what you think either! Just because Hines Ward can’t get in despite making 4 Pro Bowls doesn’t mean anything to anyone. This isn’t the NFL Statistical Hall of Fame. Stop using numbers as a weapon to define who belongs in the Hall of Fame or not. Also, have we thought maybe we’re being a little strict in who gets in the HOF? Let all of those people in, who the fuck cares!

Either he gets in by the powers that be or he doesn’t. That will never take away his impossible catch against the Falcons, any of third down catches against the Chiefs in OT, that touchdown pass to Amendola against the Ravens. I don’t think it has any bearing on how anyone views Julian Edelman as a person, player or teammate. I don’t think it has any bearing on how Julian Edelman, a 7th round draft pick QB from Kent State, looks back on how successful his NFL career is. So can we just stop fucking debating this and enjoy the threads of his best plays or mic’d up moments? Perhaps resurrect some of his thirst trap Instagrams? Rejoice in never having to see the playoff beard again?

Here’s Tom E Curran with perhaps the most eloquent take on this yet.


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