The Braves Pity Party Continues, But You Have to Respect Their Troll Job Tonight


It takes a whole hell of a lot for me to pay a compliment to the Atlanta Braves franchise in any means but oh my word, their social media intern has done it:

They are getting New Orleans Saints circa 2019 NFC Championship level with the amount of complaints about the loss on Sunday Night Baseball. But, it’s safe to admit this chirp was a little bit funny. Now, give it it up before the joke gets old.


I hate everything about the Atlanta Braves and their fans so the 9th inning meltdown after the Bohm Slide was invigorating to me. Remember the scene in The Office when Stanley tells Michael he gets annoyed with him because “everything you do as a manager, I would do differently”. Well, that’s my relationship with the South as someone from the North. For instance, I would wear a mask during a pandemic, or not secede from the United States in 1861. So watching Braves fans throw shit on the field because they lost a game in mid-April, was borderline euphoric to me.


Let’s hope the Phillies keep this momentum rolling. They still have some holes (centerfield) but the bullpen is clearly vastly improved. Let’s rack some wins up and turn this into a playoff matchup with Atlanta. Maybe Noodle Arm Ozuna will get the throw to home plate without 62 bounces next time.


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