Lazy ESPN Calls Out Philly Fans While Scumbag Braves Fans Throw Debris On Field in 9th Inning


What a playoff level atmosphere on Sunday Night Baseball tonight with the Braves and the Phillies squaring off.


Alec Bohm, who continues to be one of the most clutch humans alive, gets a lead off double in the top of the ninth. After Jean Segura got him to third, we had this chaotic tag up:

Let’s start with the play and be reasonable before we get into the Atlanta Braves fans being classless losers.

The indisputable video evidence dilemma in sports bothers me but it worked in the Phillies favor tonight. It feels too often, the officials/umpires/referees know the right call, but are afraid to make it upon review because they don’t have crystal clear evidence. I’m more of a “bar room rules” guy. If everyone sitting at the bar agrees with the call one way or another, that’s the call.

But, you can see why they didn’t overturn Bohm’s slide. He clearly beat the tag, and they couldn’t find a camera angle that shows whether he gets his foot on the plate. I still think he grazes the plate but it’s too difficult to tell. So, they’re stuck with what they called.

No let’s get unreasonable. Feed me every fucking tear of Braves fans tonight. This win should count as two since it’s basically a super spreader event without a single mask in sight. Every time they boo Bryce Harper after he hits a piss missile into their outfield seats, it’s euphoric. For a lot of Braves fans, this will be the second time this year they perpetuate a theory that they actually won while they tweet #StopTheSteal.

What really infuriates me as a Philly fan though is the commentary by ESPN during the debacle. The game was delayed for close to five minutes after the replay because Braves fans were having a full on meltdown and throwing objects on the field. Do they get reprimanded for it? Nope. Alex Rodriguez says, “With all this booing going on, the Phillies must be used to this”.

They were like six innings removed from doing a story on the young boy (and Phillies fan) who got a home run ball from Freddie Freeman and willingly gave it up to a Braves fan out of the kindness of his heart. Don’t take shots at us because an entire fan base is throwing a temper tantrum over a baseball game two weeks into April. Just like its jokes about Philly fans, ESPN has become outdated and lost with the times. They never adapted, therefore they are no longer entertaining.

Hey Atlanta Braves fans, what a piss poor display of class and sportsmanship tonight. You need to get that cleaned up before you host the All-Star Game this year.


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