Dumb Braves Fan Needs Bryce Harper To Teach Him His Players’ Names

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Braves fans suck. They just do. No and I mean no one has ever had a nice thing to say about them. They normally aren’t vocal, they’re just annoying. cool we get it. Bobby Cox was an awesome manager and Greg Maddox was lights out. We don’t care. It’s been years. Grow up.

So last night one dickhead decided he wanted to heckle Harper. Cool fine, whatever. Only problem is he incorrectly pronounced the name of his team’s own player.

If you’re gonna be an asshole, got to know your players’ name. Have to. And make no mistake, this is an asshole here. The Braves are winning big, Harper has done literally NOTHING to annoy the Atlanta fans and yet this guy wants to act all big and bad. Wonder what he had to say when they got swept last week? Wonder if he has any thoughts on Harper’s MVP?

We’re like 9 games into the year and your team isn’t exactly setting the world on fire. Shut the fuck up.

Go Phils

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