Biggest “IF” Of All Time: Eagles Could Still Be Suitors For Deshaun Watson

According to Pro Football Talk, don’t rule out the Eagles as a dark horse to eventually acquire Deshaun Watson from the Texans

“Yes, the Eagles. They have Jalen Hurts and Joe Flacco, but Deshaun Watson has proven that he’s a franchise quarterback, and one of the best players in the NFL. As one league source explains it, the Eagles are sufficiently determined to upgrade the team that they would pursue Watson, if the window opens for doing so.”

Sounds like a full-proof plan with absolutely no downside! What’s the worst that could happen?!

It’s hard to foresee this being a logical step for the Eagles to take given the headlines rolling out like wildfire with Watson right now. There may have been a point at which the Eagles were angling to this route, that has to be put on a serious pause. Inside The Birds Podcast reported today that Carolina had attempted to land Watson but backed out when allegations started popping. They obviously have since explored other avenues by trading for Sam Darnold.

The draft is just twenty days away. Saying Watson just needs to these accusations cleared by then and the Eagles will be a player in the sweepstakes seems like a far fetched version of reality. Making sure you pass your drug test when starting a new job when you smoked a few weeks back is clearing a hurdle that can be done in a few weeks time. Getting courts to drop 22 civil lawsuits against you, is not an easily cleared hurdle.   

This is a difficult move for a GM in hot water to pull off. Because if any of the accusations are true, and you trade for a serial masseuse predator, it gives the Owner a scapegoat to blame the whole trade on the GM if things go south.

One could say I am not a Howie Roseman enthusiast or supporter. But most of Roseman’s moves do seem calculated. Trading for a quarterback who could be a certified sexual weirdo in this next calendar year.

Hopefully it all works out. They give Jalen Hurts a year to grow. If he doesn’t and Watson gets cleared by next season, the Eagles make their big splash move to land him. And Watson gets to go from the Texans where he complained about having no help to here in Philly where Greg Ward Jr. will be his WR1!

It’ll all work out in the end.

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