I Am Scared Edelman Could Be Done With Football Forever


Let’s be very loud and clear I am in no way saying or coming close to saying I think Julian Edelman is done with football. If there is one thing I have learned over the last 10 years it is to first never count Tom Brady out, and second to never underestimate the power of Edelman’s crazy dad to intimidate him into winning another Super Bowl playing on a bum knee and broken ribs.

Honestly I’d be in favor of paying Edelman whatever he wants to play 10% of snaps just to see #11 run down the line and fake a jet sweep. Once a year he gets to throw a flea flicker for a TD. Keep him on the roster in case Cam Newton remembers how to throw a football and unleash him in the playoffs to rack up some more all time statistics.

After what that man has contributed to my life personally and to the New England Patriots organization has earned him the lifelong legend status here. He helps us heal our abandonment issues and believe in fairytales. Edelman would never leave us.

And something tells me that’s exactly what he is thinking about after hearing this terrifying and ominous report from the Boston Herald:

According to the Boston Herald, which cited a source, it’s “doubtful” that Edelman will be able to play the entire 2021 season as his knee continues to be a problem.

According to the report, surgery can provide temporary relief for Edelman’s knee problem but it won’t solve the entire issue.

After the offseason the Patriots have had, building a young team, finally getting some tight ends, and with vibes at a like 3 year high, it would be an absolute shame to not have Julian Edelman involved. I feel like he would love Patriots West, throwing the pigskin around shirtless with Stidham, Hunter Henry, Kendrick Bourne, and Cam with a Drake track and some slow mo effects. On Instagram, Julian Edelman walked so Jarrett Stidham could run.

You could even argue that Julian Edelman is a major key to what the Patriots intend to do in these dynasty bridge years. People forget how good Cam and Jules looked together pre-COVID last year. Edelman had a career high 179 receiving yards in week 2 of the 2020 season which is kind of insane considering he exclusively played with Tom Brady for the past 10 years before this.

It’s going to be a hell of a story though Jules…

And none of this retire and get traded to Tampa Bay shit.


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