(Video) Ben Simmons Accidentally Live Streams Internal H&M Meeting

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Just a weird course of events. Ben Simmons is most likely doing some marketing deal with H&M. He probably got tossed onto this meeting, probably was finishing up a game of COD and whoops, live streamed an internal call.

The one thing I took from this too was that, clearly Ben wasn’t paying attention even a little bit to this call. The moment the guy is like, ‘hey, we have to shut this down because someone is streaming it.’ If you’re paying attention you immediately think ‘Oh shit, is that me?’ And you check. Especially if you stream things on the reg. So that tells me that while these H&M nerds are talking about some deal that is going to net Ben a few milli. He’s just sitting back, feet up on his desk, dicking around on his phone.

And honestly, wouldn’t have it any other way. We’ve all been in those video calls were we know we probably should pay attention but someone will get me the basics of the call later. And then out of no where you hear your name.

‘….Hey guys, sorry I was on mute…….I agree with all the changes talked about…….Good to go’

Nothing more heart pounding than when you’re about to say something and you have no idea if it’s going to be the dumbest thing you’ve ever said. What a rush.

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