NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver Night Two Preview


Last night we had a pretty solid night of action for night one of Takeover Stand & Deliver including the crowning of two new champions! Raquel Gonzalez is the new NXT Women’s Champion and MSK won the vacant NXT Tag Team Titles.

So after some great moment from night one its time to look ahead to night two in what is just an absolutely stacked night of matches.

North American Championship Match: Johnny Garagno vs Bronson Reed


Mr Takeover himself Johnny Gargano will get another chance to prove why he has the nickname Mr. Takeover. It will be no easy task though as he has a beast going against him in Bronson Reed. Last night Reed won the gauntlet match to earn his opportunity which was impressive but he is going to have to take his game to another level if he wants to be Gargano.

Prediction: Gargano Wins

NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship Match:


This match should be very entertaining as Shotzi and Ember have developed some great chemistry as a team and have been really fun to watch. I haven’t seen all that much from LeRae and Hartwell together but Candice LeRae is a beast in the ring and she rarely puts on a bad match. I’m not really sure how this one is going to play out, Moon and Blackheart haven’t had the titles all that long so I think they deserve to keep them here.

Prediction: Moon & Blackhart win

NXT Cruiserweight Championship Ladder Match


I am super excited for this one for a few reasons. One I absolutely love ladder matches hands down probably my favorite gimmick matches. It’s even better because we have some flashbacks to the Intercontinental Championship ladder match from Wrestlemania X between Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels with the two titles hanging above the ring. The second reason I am really excited for this one is because I’m a fan of Jordan Devlin, I really like his work in the ring and he has all the makings of being a star. Santos Escobar is no slouch either and this match could really elevate both of these guys into a major spotlight.

Prediction: Devlin Wins

NXT Championship Match: Finn Balor vs Karrion Kross


Oh baby this one has me even more pumped up than the ladder match. Finn Balor has been my guy for a long time and he is easily one of the most entertaining guys in the business. The current NXT Champion has his toughest challenge yet with the guy that was forced to vacate the title shortly after winning it in Karrion Kross. This match is going to be physical, fast paced and is going to be one of the best Championship matches we’ve seen. This just feels like the start of this rivalry for these two and if we get Demon Balor I might lose my mind. I don’t think thats going to happen which is why I am taking Kross to win this one. Like I said though I think this is only the start of their rivalry and a Kross win would open the door for us to finally see the return of the Demon King.

Prediction: Kross Wins

Unsanctioned Match: Kyle O’Reilly vs Adam Cole


This one might end up being the match of the year folks. Two of the best in the world going head to head for the first time in NXT. The breakup of the Undisputed Era was something I was never hoping to see but we all knew it was bound to happen. Now that it has Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole will face off in the main event of night two in an unsanctioned match. It’s going to be brutal, these two are going to blow the roof off the building and it is going to have all the makings of a classic. I’m getting Triple H vs Shawn Michaels classic that’s how highly I am thinking of this match. Will we see Strong and Fish get involved in some capacity? It is possible but I highly doubt it but all I know is this match is going to be can’t miss.

Prediction: Kyle O’Reilly Wins

Make sure you tune in tonight at 8:00pm on Peacock to catch all the action!

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