Khloe Kardashian Goes On IG Live To Prove Her Body Isn’t Photoshopped

Yesterday I blogged about the picture the Kardashian mafia was trying to get removed and how it really wasn’t that bad of a picture.

Khloe has now posted this on her Instagram so I had to dip the pen one last time on this topic.

Good for Khloe. She posted a video of her jumping, I’m not sure what that would prove but she did it. She went live, can’t edit a live. And she had some words for us and how she’s struggled with her image in the past.

My issue with Khloe (saying I have an issue with her is such a stretch, I don’t actually care) some people might care if you made your waist smaller in a picture. I didn’t and don’t. There are pictures on her Instagram that just aren’t her face though.

Maybe it’s the makeup but that’s not the same person. And I know it’s not just me because the internet talked about that first Instagram post for weeks when she posted it. It just doesn’t look like her. I’m leaning a new makeup look over cgi like some people but when you post that and than you try and get a candid picture of you wiped from the internet I don’t think you then get to call people who talked about it haters.

I can’t stress how little I care about this. I really just needed something to blog today.

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