HUGE Betting Favorite Knocked Out At ONE Championship On TNT

I don’t fancy myself a gambler, but I do fancy myself a fan of upsets. So when I woke up this morning (2AM to be exact….insomnia gang what’s up?) and saw that -700 favorite Demetrious Johnson was KO’d for the first time in his career I thought I was dreaming. For the unaware Johnson is considered one of the greatest Flyweight/Bantamweight fighters of all time and was expected to be the poster boy for ONE FC as they looked to make a great impression on their TNT debut last night.

I’m not going to lie seeing Johnson get KO’d was not as satisfying as I thought it’d be. Johnson is considered one of the nicest guys in the sport and there’s something about seeing nice guys KO’d that just leaves you feeling dirty after. If it was up to me every fighter on the receiving end of a violent KO would have a bunch of shitty prison tattoo’s (capped off by a “only God can judge me tattoo across their chest), a huge mohawk and tiger stripes shaved into their beard.

Anyways this capped off a weird night of fights that saw former UFC Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez DQ’d for “illegal” strikes to the back of his opponents head. I hope to see Johnson back in the win column sooner rather than later.

Featured Image Via DAZN (LINK)

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