The Kardashians Are Taking Legal Action To Get This Picture Of Khloe Wiped From The Internet

I’m not much of a Kardashian guy, I just don’t think of them on a daily basis but Twitter is the great equalizer and this has crossed my digital desk this morning.

I read The Insider article and to no ones surprise they don’t have the picture of Khloe, just information about the story. Makes sense. Nothing ever dies on the internet though. The only thing I have ever seen be “successfully” wiped from the web is Lebron getting dunked on by Jordan Clarkson a decade ago, before he was in the league.

Now Lebron gets dunked on a few times a year so we’re used to it and the kids probably don’t care but for everyone my age this was wild when it happened.

Back to Khloe, the pictures really not that bad. Not to get on my soapbox but this would probably be good for people to see. We all know celebrities and even regular people alter their pictures but the Kardashians do it professionally. They are the Michael Jordan of social media. Even Kendall, who’s the smallest human on earth, has been caught doing it to get a smaller waist. People you don’t need to do this, we all know it’s fake so just chill. Girls have makeup, guys have beards, we don’t need anything else.

I remember when this was posted and we all didn’t know what to do with ourselves.

I don’t want this to be some “Eddie hates women” or something like that. Do what you want cause if you know me you know I care about anything. I just want everyone, Khloe included, to know you don’t need to make yourself look like an entirely new person, people will still like you I promise.

Now for what you all came here for. The photo Kris wants wiped from the internet.

She doesn’t look bad. She doesn’t look like how she does in an edited IG picture but she certainly doesn’t look bad and that seems to be Twitters response to this.

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