The Circle Is BACK With Season 2

Netflix can be really sneaky sometimes. There’s rarely ever any big build up for a show release and things just sort of drop out of nowhere. Some shows that I didn’t even know I needed until Netflix figured out I needed them. But going through this entire pandemic without giving us a new season of Love Is Blind should be a war crime.

All shows that thrive with forced isolation, The Circle season 2 feels like it should have come out sometime in 2020 but we will take it. I should never really doubt the extensive hours and dedication it must take to make a moderately entertaining reality show I would like to spend an entire Saturday watching in full.

On Wednesday April 14th, The Circle is back. Here is the first trailer from the new season:

Having one season in the books is beneficial for the new players. Everyone knows there’s going to be at least 1 catfish, and they also know you get to meet 1 person before you leave still. So what else is there to do but bring in a wildcard. A show stopper. That person, in this case and most cases, is Lance Bass.

Lance Bass has to be real because faking your identity as Lance Bass, getting everyone to love you under the false pretense that you are indeed Lance fucking Bass, and then being Stu from Poughkeepsie would be too far, even for Netflix. This show just screams Lance Bass having some sort of involvement.

And yes, if you watched another Netflix show that I’m expecting a random Tuesday afternoon drop from, you’ll recognize Chloe from Too Hot To Handle also on Netflix. I have no idea how Harry Jowsey allowed her to be the one to collect this check.

The only problem is that these are going to be coming out as weekly episodes instead of something that can be consumed in one depressive episode. Unfortunate.

Lastly it is a little known fact that there were a few Branded Sports bloggers that made at least initial contact to appear on season 2 of The Circle. Who would you have like to have seen on it?


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