Joel Embiid Dominated the Celtics So Much, Fans Were Plotting Jayson Tatum’s Exit in 2025

Folks, the Joel Embiid MVP campaign is all the way back on after last night’s emasculation of the Celtics on national TV. Boston coach Brad Stevens threw a bunch of slop Embiid’s way in the form of undersized front court defenders. It resulted in Joel pouring in 35 points in 33 minutes. The Sixers sweep the season series against the Celtics for the first time since 2001.

The Celtics are now a game under .500 and according to the reaction on Twitter, this feels like rock bottom:

Living in a city who’s brand is essentially brash overreactions to each regular season game, I have to respect this guy raising the bar. It’s also such a Philly thing to do to watch a completely hapless, under talented team and then blame the only stars on the team (we’re sorry Carter Hart).

But this is next level ridiculous. 2025?! Anyone looking that far ahead is an absolute maniac. Buddy, were you not traumatized enough by watching election commercials every time you turn on the TV in 2020? You’re ready to endure that again in 2024 just to watch Tatum walk out the door in 2025?!

Might be the funniest overreaction to a loss we’ve seen in quite some time considering pretty much everything is wrong with this team except for Jayson Tatum. I was astounded watching that C’s team last night. Even with an underachieving record, I thought they were better than that. But when Tatum or Brown go to the bench, this team falls completely apart. What does Glen Williams do well? Why was Daniel Thies traded for a less effective version of Thies in Mo Wagner. The “talent in” versus “talent out” for Boston these past few years needs to be scrutinized. They lost key free agents they never replaced effectively (Kyrie, Hayward, Rozier), they don’t have many front-court answers, and Kemba appears to be a shell of himself.

Jayson Tatum doesn’t crack the Top 50 reasons for why they are struggling.

Still wouldn’t want to face the C’s in Round 1 but My God, their fans are going through it today.

Anyways, not my problem. We have an MVP campaign to win:


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