You Can Look Like Your Favorite UFC Fighter For Only $300!

I don’t write a lot of blogs anymore, so when I do write one you know the source material is a fucking doozy. It’s kind of like when you swear off drinking and you’re doing good (100 days to be exact) until you’re at a wedding reception and you have an open bar and a friend you haven’t seen since the start of the pandemic offers you an edible, you can’t turn that down!

Anyways as most fight fans know the UFC struck a deal with Venom to have them become the new OFFICIAL uniform provider for the ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP. Now I won’t sit here and act like I am upset that the uniforms look like shit, it’s kind of expected at this point. As much as I want the days of being ironed onto a fighters ass those days are long gone.

So back to the new Venom uniforms. They’re not bad compared to the Reebok uniforms, it kind of feels like a lateral move in terms of looks. But (and correct me if I’m wrong) the price for some authentic UFC merch seems to have spiked now that there’s a new RockStar Enegry drinkin big cock swingin sheriff in town.

Jesus Titty Fucking Christ that’s a $350 price tag just to be look like your favorite UFC fighter! If I’m dropping that kind of coin to look like the baddest motherfucker at my local Bdubs there better be a lot of skulls, Fleur-de-lis, and jizz font bro!

Since I really don’t have a good way to end this blog (I’m like 5 months rusty cut me some slack) I’ll end the blog by talking about the fighter pay being shittingly similar to what it was with the Reebok deal.

Title Challengers now get $32K compared to the old rate of $30K.

Fighters with more than 21 fights in the octagon now get $21K compared to the old rate of $20K.

And finally fighters with 16-20 fights in the octagon now get $16K compared to the old rate of $15K.

Now while it’s great the fighters are getting a slight (and I mean slight) pay bump even though the Venum deal is less than what the Reebok paid the UFC for their multi year partnership the fighters deserve more than this when it comes to putting their health on the line every time they step into the cage.

Featured image via UFC (LINK)

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