Kyle Brandt Thinks The Eagles Could Trade Back Up Into The 1st For Another SEC Player

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I love draft szn. Everything is a possibility. Teams are trading up and down the board, there are no rules and the points don’t matter. And when it comes to the Eagles, literally anything is a possibility. The latest coming out from Kyle Brandt on good morning football is that the Eagles could get back into the first and take another LSU wide receiver.

Listen, I’m on record a of saying this, just draft SEC players. If they didn’t play in the SEC, hard pass. FBS school? Don’t even think about it. Some Pac-12 no defense playing team, no thanks. Just draft in the NFL minor league, aka the SEC. And if Kyle is right that this is a possibility, I say #DoTheDeal. I’m praying that Eagles get the opportunity to take Devonta Smith with the 12th pick. They clearly feel good about the guy they want being there at 12. The issue is that their guy might be some o-lineman they could have got in the 4th round and they’ll reach.

But let’s say they get Smith with the 12th and have a chance to grab Terrance Marshall late first or early second. Do it. Load up on talented receivers. If you think Jalen Hurts is the guy, do something you never did for Carson, get him a ton of weapons. Marshall has 23 touchdowns over the last two seasons. And during that time he was fighting for reps with the likes of Chase and Jefferson. If he falls, love to take. Him you have to move up, can’t hurt to ask what the price is. This team needs actual talent from actual football conferences. They haven’t drafted a pro bowler in what feels like forever. Every year I convince myself this is the year they figure out the draft and every year they don’t. Well. 2021 is no different. LETS GO BIRDS BABY!!!!!

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