How Does The Sam Darnold Trade Change The Draft?

Darnold is gone, good for him. I couldn’t imagine playing for the Jets. Now the Panthers paid a decent amount to get him which makes me think he’s their new starter which I don’t love. I’m a big fan of Teddy and they gave him a big deal so this is a bit confusing BUT that’s not why we’re here today. No, I want to look at what the Patriots can now do that Carolina is no longer in the QB market.

Trevor Lawrence is going to Jacksonville, no need to even think about it anymore. Done deal.

The Jets are going to draft a QB but who? From what I’ve been seeing is Zach Wilson is the guy for the Jets. Feels like a miss but we won’t know for a few months if he’s actually good or not.

San Fran is also going to take a QB. They shouldn’t but they will. Ryan Wilson says they’re taking Mac Jones which seems aggressively high. I think of him as more of a 2nd or 3rd round guy. He says Trey Lance or Fields could also get picked here but he says

…Mac Jones also fits what Kyle Shanahan looks for in a QB.

He feels like a guy who will be okay but not a star. I get big time Andy Dalton vibes from him, which could be fine.

The Falcons at 4 could go for a QB but Jesus guys MAYBE two guys in this entire class will be good. Why risk taking 4 in a row with the first 4 picks. Some combo of Pitts, Sewell or Chase SHOULD go 4, 5, 6.

Ryan Wilson has Fields going to the Lions at 7 but they just traded for Goff. If they draft a QB I expect it to be in the later rounds.

The Broncos at 9 will take a QB. It’s MOST LIKELY going to be Mac Jones or Trey Lance (whoever’s still on the board). Elway loves tall white QBs. Done deal.

Cowboys and Giants won’t take a QB but the Eagles might at 12. They shouldn’t but they might. They need a lot more than a QB, give Hurts and/or Flacco a shot this season.

Chargers and Vikings won’t be taking a QB and at 15 we have the Patriots picking with Justin Fields still on the board. I like Cam, I like Fields and I even like the potential of trading for Jimmy G at the right price. Stidham is NOT the future. Get over it. The Patriots probably shouldn’t take a QB, I recognize that but I also think Fields is going to end up being the second best QB in this class. Wilson, Lance and Jones feel like journeyman or backups with Jones being the safest of those three. Lawrence then Fields if you ask me.

Listen, I’d love Devonta Smith at 15, I’d love Waddle, I’d love Parsons or Surtain. I think the talent in this draft is pretty good, this is going to be a rare year where I would be disappointed if the Pats didn’t use their pick in the first round. Normally I’m okay with trading down but you can get so much at 15 this year so let’s shoot for the stars Bill.

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