After Seeing This Video, I’m Confident The Phillies Are Going 162-0 (@DylanGrace28)

The Phillies have swept the Braves, the bullpen is looking strong and they’ve got the Mets tonight. We are cooking and about to make this year our bitch. And all this confidence is coming from one place….this video.

Yeah yeah yeah, the Phillies clearly look pretty good on the field but after watching this video ZERO chance the Phillies don’t win the championship this year. The announcement just came out yesterday that Philly is getting even more fans in the stands. They are about to become the baseball version of the Sixers at home. No one is coming in and winning. Not when we’ve got the boys buzzin at the other team’s bullpen all game. I know most people should be embarrassed by this stuff but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss this last year. Guys like this give us our edge. You want to talk about WAR? This guy has like 10.6 lifetime WAR.

Phillies 162-0 continues tonight when we steamroll the Mets.

Let’s get it

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