Aaron Rodgers New Host Of Jeopardy.

You did not read the headline wrong… And, yes… It is the same Aaron Rodgers you are thinking of.

The Green Bay Packers (only one time) Super Bowl Champion, Pro Bowl QB is jumping into Jeopardy, and not as a contestant.

Mr. Packer himself will be the NEW HOST of Jeopard…

…For two weeks.

Ever since the legend Alex Trebeck passed away in November the show has been looking for a new permanent host and have been going through a bunch of different guest hosts.

Well, this week and next week that guest host will be non other than number 12.  You can tell that Aaron is a smart guy and through his interviews and commercials he is very witty and funny as well.  His weekly spot on the Pat McAfee show during the football season was straight fire.

According to Adam Schefter, Rodgers recorded the two weeks of episodes during two days in February.

I am pretty excited to see what Aaron brings to the show, because lets be honest… The show has not been anywhere near the same without Alex as the host.  I am not saying Aaron will be close to what Alex was or should have a chance to be the forever host (he won’t) but I think it will just be so interesting to watch and Rogers will bring a great dynamic to the show.

Make sure you are watching or recording every night for the next two weeks!

Enjoy the Rodgers Rate!


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