Known Scumbag, Tyreek Hill, Also A No Tipper

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So everything here, beside obviously the tweet in which he admits he and his shit bag girlfriend don’t tip, is all my own opinion. That’s the disclaimer.

With that out of the way. FUUUUCCCCCKKKK TYREEK HILL. Guy is a complete scumbag. Whether he did or didn’t brake his sons arm, whatever. Whether he did or didn’t commit domestic violence, whatever. There is enough stigma and rumors around for me to make my judgement of his character.

And no this shit….

Loser. If you don’t tip you’re a loser. A pathetic piece of shit. Good service, bad service and anywhere in between, you tip. If you can’t afford a tip, stay home. Me personally, 20%. If I like my meal or not 20%. Waitress brings me the wrong food, 20%. She farts in my food, 25%.

The thing here is this is a $65 bill. 20%, that’s $13. You broke boy bitch. You can’t tip $13!!???! What a pussy. We’re in a pandemic, businesses are trying to survive and you’re going to act like that. Just in case you were wondering, Tyreek Hill made $17,000,000 last year.

This guy sucks. Fuck Tyreek Hill.

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