Jimmy G Is NOW Being Shopped For A First Round Pick

Kind of big news here if it’s true. I think there’s two ways I can think about this news. 1. I’m a Patriots fan and a reunion might be fun or 2. Branded is a Philly site with a lot of Eagles fans and we already blogged Wilson to Philly today. So let’s start there.

Would the 12 pick be worth it for San Fran? I’m sure they’d want to get into the Top 10 but you can do a lot worse than 12. Now you drafted Hurts last year, traded Wentz and rumor has it the Eagles aren’t sold on Hurts. This team is dysfunction at its finest. They signed Flacco who we all know wants the starting job too. This seems more likely to happen then the Eagles trading for Russ. The big issue here is, does Jimmy want to play in Philly? I doubt it. Usually that might not matter but Jimmy G has a no trade clause for this season so he has final say.

Now, would the Pats want to make a run at Jimmy G? Cam just signed but there are still question marks there. If San Fran is okay with 12 maybe they’re okay with 15 this year. Seems like a stretch but again Jimmy has final say. Ultimately, I just don’t see the Pats giving up a first rounder for him after last years injury. Especially if they can draft someone in the later rounds. Hell, they might still think Stidham is the future, I don’t but they might.

I think the 49ers will draft a QB at 3 and start Jimmy this year. If I’m Jimmy I’m not playing. I’m not going to be a place holder until you can trade me next season. Like I said he has a no trade clause this year, he does NOT have one next year making it so much easier to trade after this season. Demand a trade, or sit out. Say you aren’t 100% and need to sit out. Let them put out Zach Wilson week 1 and see what happens. Maybe it works and maybe they remember you brought them to a Super Bowl.

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