The Celtics Have Beaten Me Down

I can’t do it with the Celtics anymore. I truly can’t do it. It’s partly my fault, last season I thought they would be a 6-8 seed and they exceeded my expectations. This year I didn’t think the team lost much with getting rid of Hayward and I liked the Teague and Thompson signings. I’m officially almost done.

I can’t quit this team they’re basically heroin to me, I can’t kick it.

With that being said FUCK THIS TEAM. Fournier debut game, 0/10 and he wasn’t the biggest disappointment. What the fuck is Smart doing in that clip. How are you paying that little amount of attention to the game you pull a JR Smith.

I’m hoping we can just chock this year up as a Covid year and it is a fluke but I’m scared. I’m scared Danny is going to do something drastic this off-season. I’m scared Danny might do nothing too! I’m not one to call for a coach to be fired but if it’s a coaching change we need then that’s what has to be done. I think Brad is a Top 10 coach but I think he doesn’t have the respect of this team and maybe has lost some confidence in himself too.

At this point I’m hoping we somehow turn it around or just miss the playoffs entirely. That’d be less embarrassing than the Sixers sweeping us in the first round.

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