Cody Asche Back With The Phillies

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The year 2021 and Cody Asche is back in Phillies pinstripes…..kinda

Interesting hire here. Career .234 hitter, absolutely trash his final two seasons hitting .213 and .105. You figure you’d want a guy that was actually good at hitting to help players become better hitters, but hey that’s just me. Maybe a guy that ever sniffed .300? Or at least an base percentage of over .293.

I’m super biased though because Cody Asche is example 2749638 why my fellow Philly fans drive me insane some times. This guy stunk, it was clear from the jump he stunk. But this city loves themselves a back up or a player that isn’t getting all the hype. No town in the world loves a below average player that works hard more than us. It’s the worst thing we do as a fan base, which is saying a lot for us.

Let’s stop falling in love with below average players and instead appreciate the actually good ones. In pure popularity, Cody Asche was more loved when he played than Ryan Howard was when he played. Think about how ass backwards that is. But it’s true. 100000%. So cool good for Cody. But honesty. What could Asche teach Bohm that he doesn’t know? Seriously.

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