The NFL Adding Another Week Only Means One Thing…


The NFL has officially added another week to the regular season and it has been met with some mixed reactions so far from fans and players.

Some players have already spoken out against it but for the most part fans seem to be pretty happy. We get another week of football Sundays I don’t know how anyone could be upset about that. There have been some great matchups added now that the season has been expanded by a game but that’s not even the best part. The best part is that we get another week of……

That’s right baby!!!! An extra week of “7 hours of commercial free football!” The best part of football Sunday’s is at 1pm hearing the great Scott Hanson say those words with a plate of wings in front of you recovering from the hangover from the night before. If you aren’t watching NFL Redzone on Sundays then you’re doing something wrong and you need to figure it out. I am super pumped up about getting another week of Redzone because that just means it’s another week where I have an excuse not to move all day. Add into that we get another week of the witching hour SIGN ME THE HELL UP!

The more football the better and I am all in on this 18 week season.

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