Flyers Place Ghost On Waivers

Well this is a shocker…We have been asking GM Chuck Fletcher to do something and this is something. I mean I’m not really sure I understand this move at all. No, Ghost hasn’t been incredible but he also hasn’t been the worst defenseman on the team. In fact, he has been one of the better ones but people dwell on a few bad plays here and there.

Out of all the moves that Fletcher could have made this one makes little to no sense. If he clears, which I don’t think he will I just cant see him playing in AHL games. If the Flyers lose one of their better defenseman for nothing I am going to be just a little pissed off. I get he has a big cap hit and teams probably were hesitant to trade for him but putting him on waivers is the worst thing they could have done.

Chuck Fletcher better have something big up his sleeve or I may lose all confidence in him to run this team.

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