With Trade Back in 2021 Draft, Eagles Starve Themselves Of Talent to Let Howie Roseman Buy Time

For one brief fleeting moment, it looked like the Eagles were going to have their choice of Ja’Marr Chase or Kyle Pitts with the 6th overall pick. The 49ers had traded up to the 3rd overall pick and there is surely going to be a run on quarterbacks ahead of the Eagles. And then, that moment was gone and replaced with the all familiar feeling of aggravation.


Eagles fans are left to be sold on, “well if the cards fall right in 2022…” No! The cards fell right already, here in this moment. They had a horrible year where everything went wrong. They were rewarded with a premier pick at 6th overall. Then, three teams ahead of them angle to take quarterbacks. One of Ja’Marr Chase and/or Kyle Pitts were left in the Eagles bread basket. Here, in this very moment, the cards finally fell right for them. And they punted on it.


Now, the people who do believe in this move see it stylistically as a Sixers Process strategy. They acquire another first round pick for 2022 with the belief they will be abysmal in 2021. Except, they could have just drafted someone with the sixth pick like Chase or Pitts and still build for the future. One of those two players named won’t change the success of this team immediately. This roster construction still has “lottery team” written all over it for 2022. So, you go into that 2022 Draft with two 1st round picks  (given Wentz goes the distance) AND Chase/Pitts.


You would still have enough draft capital that you could move up for a quarterback next year, since they clearly don’t trust this quarterback. Or, make a trade for Deshaun Watson, given he’s not some serious sexual predator. So once this quarterback gets here, they don’t fail because they are deprived of talent around them like Carson Wentz was.

What this trade is, is a self-preservation move by a GM who finally ran out of time. It will take until at least 2023 at the earliest to determine if this trade was worth it. With his draft record in question, and the other scapegoats in Wentz and Doug Pederson gone, the target was squarely on Howie Roseman. So he found a way to buy more time in the form of draft picks.


It’s a tactic being used by a slew of GM’s in the NBA. They acquire picks and assets instead of physical talent to sell the idea of a better future. The Houston Rockets had Ben Simmons and Matisse Thybulle on the table and went the the Nets offer instead because they offered more drafts picks. Despite that being a disaster, the GM has bought himself enough time because we have to see what those picks turn into. The same logic applies with what Howie is doing.


The Eagles have been starved of premium talent via draft for years. They finally have their shot at surefire stars (Chase, Pitts) and they punt. After years of drafting poorly, the Eagles want us to sell ourselves on a strategy based on building via future draft picks.


There should be nothing but skepticism among Eagles fans heading into the 2021 NFL Draft.

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