VIDEO: Watch Shaq Vs BYU Do Exactly What You Think He’d Do Vs BYU

I’m 25, I was born in 1996 so I never got to watch Shaq at college. I know Shaq as a Laker first not even from the Magic. Of course I’ve seen highlights of young Shaq but it’s not the same. Shaq and Iverson are two guys I’ll always regret not seeing live at college cause I wasn’t born yet or was like one.

None of that matters because with the power of the internet and more importantly Twitter I can see pretty much everything I want.


Can you imagine watching Shaq before he was Shaq and he dominates some Mormons so bad he breaks their own single game tourney record for blocks? Shaq had 11 blocks, let that sink in. A record that to this day, almost 30 years later, has yet to be broken. The biggest stage of his life at that moment and he was dominant.

The most dominant player to ever walk on a court since day one.

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