Looking Back, George Hill to the Sixers Was Only Move That Made Sense


If you didn’t get your hopes up to a wildly high,  untouchable place only to be served with an anti-climatic ending, it wouldn’t be a Philadelphia sports story!

The Sixers, who were rumored to be making one last rally cry for Philly native Kyle Lowry, were so close to landing him until they weren’t. Instead, the settle for the less flashy guard in George Hill.

It’s understandable for people to feel underwhelmed or let down. It’s not the star, or the hometown kid.

But looking at the assets the Sixers had to offer and the cap space situation, the trade for Hill is a lot for more feasible than a trade for Lowry. If Tyrese Maxey wasn’t enough for Toronto and the Sixers wouldn’t budge on Matisse Thybulle, that was that. Not to mention to match salaries, they would’ve lost Danny Green too.

The Lowry/Hill fiasco is very reminiscent of the age of The Hummer. You wanted a Hummer because they were borderline tanks that looked sick. But then you realized how much money it would take to buy one. And then once you finally bought it, how expensive it would be to fill it up with gas. So you come to the conclusion that while buying a Hummer would be a cool idea that’s all it’ll ever be, a cool idea. You buy a Toyota Camry instead since that’ll still get you where you’re going. That’s getting George Hill instead of Kyle Lowry.

A large portion of the problem with the Sixers making moves this deadline is their severe lack of attainable assets. When you see Miami and Denver make moves, remember it’s because they were run well and they drafted well. The Sixers were run by a Colangelo.

Let’s end this by discussing why this trade really stings. Tony Bradley was such a pure  fan favorite. Every time he was called upon for a spot start, he delivered. His grand finale against Golden State where he poured in a career 18 points will he remembered in Sixers lure like Corey Brewer guarding James Harden. If the Sixers do reach the point they win a ring, Tony Bradley surely deserves one.

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