It Sounds Like JJ Redick Has Decided Where He Wants To Play

In the least shocking news of all time it appears that JJ Redick is going to get bought out and sign with the Nets. I mean, yeah that should’ve been obvious to everyone with a brain.

Working for Branded I get flooded with Sixers takes and the majority of fans I’ve seen and talked to not only want Redick to return but think it’s going to happen. Why would he go to Philly if he could go to Brooklyn? I’d be shocked if Philly was even his second choice, he probably would rather go to the Lakers over the Sixers. Buyout guys are always looking to go where they think they have the best shot at winning a title right away. That isn’t Philly. I know, Simmons is being talked about for DPOY and Embiid was having an MVP year before he got hurt. I get all that. At the end of the day the Nets are still the better team.

On Drunk Off PNR, you can listen to the show by clicking here, we said our three biggest concerns for the Nets post Harden trade were: Defense, depth and health. The defense has drastically improved since Harden arrived. JJ helps their depth and now all they need to worry about is KD and Kyries health come playoff time. You still need to play and win the games but the Nets look like the favorite to win it all, especially after signing a sharpshooter like JJ.

This is all just rumors for now but ask yourself Sixer fans, in your heart of hearts in what world would a guy looking to win a title go to your team over Brooklyn or LA? Simply, they wouldn’t.

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