Did JJ Redick Just Say On His Podcast He’s Coming Back To The Sixers?

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I miss JJ!!!!!! And this team could definitely use some of his shooting off the bench. Everyone knows he is getting bought out at this point. It’s the world’s worst kept secret. And everyone also knows that there are probably only two places he ends up. Philadelphia or Brooklyn.

On his latest podcast, which is fire by the way. He talks to Tobias Harris and may have dropped a big time hint on where he is going to sign are he’s bought out.

I mean listen, wine is cool and all but Tobias is a man of honor. If he says he’s not going on a show until you are his teammate again, I believe him. So the only logical explanation here is that JJ Redick is on his way back home to Philadelphia. That’s it, I won’t hear any different. Maybe when they recorded this the bought out was already verbally agreed on and JJ is like “Yo Tobias, listen, come on the pod, I’ll be back in that Sixers jersey before the weekend.”

It’s all I’ll accept at this time! I’m no tinfoil hat guy but I am talking this one into existence. JJ Redick is coming home. Look I even did a JJ Redick photoshop. Looks pretty real huh

JJ Redick comments on Sixers' struggles, why he left in the offseason
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