Will The Flyers Make The Playoffs?


Last night the Flyers actually played a pretty decent game. One of their better ones of the season actually in my opinion. However, the outcome was something we’ve become accustomed to. Another loss.

Yeah they picked up a point because it was an overtime loss but a loss is still a loss. While there was some positives to take away from last nights game the main issues were still noticeable. Bad turnovers and sloppy defensive play that lead to too many chances for the opposing team.

Brian Elliott did everything he could to keep the Flyers in the game but in the end, it was another bad turnover that led to the overtime winner for the Islanders. So that brings me to the main point of this blog. Will the Philadelphia Flyers make the playoffs?

My answer is no. Right now they are sitting in 5th place two points behind the Bruins for the 4th and final playoff spot. The Bruins have two games in hand on the Flyers and have beaten the Flyers each time they’ve played. The Flyers have to hope one of the teams in front of them falls off and starts losing games. It’s hard to envision that happening right now and it sucks.

Bottom line is if the Flyers want to make the playoffs they need to start winning and they need to start doing it now. They can’t afford many overtime games either since all of the games are within the division. Every game is a four point game and the Flyers need to get going because time is running out. Tonight they take on the Devils, a very beatable team. If there was ever a time for Carter Hart to show us what he’s truly capable of tonight would be that night.

I sure hope they can turn things around because it’ll be extremely disappointing if this team doesn’t make the playoffs.

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