Video: Ref Caught Admitting Playing Favorites


You might have to watch the video two or three times before being able to make out what’s being said but it’s short enough you can’t complain.

If you’re lazy or can’t hear very well, let me tell ya what was said. In the Predators and Red Wings game a referee was caught on a hot mic admitting that there wasn’t really much of a penalty and he just wanted to call something on Nashville. Here’s the exact quote…

“There wasn’t much but I wanted to get a fucking penalty against Nash.”

I’m sure some people are going to make a bigger deal out of this than there needs to be but hey that’s the internet for ya. Personally I think it’s absolutely hilarious. You just know shit like this happens all the time. Someone on Nashville probably was in his ear all night and he wanted to stick it to him. It’s not like it happened in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final so it’s whatever.

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