Eagles Fans Are Planning a Full Fledged War Against Carson Wentz Because He Likes the Midwest

Could this be the biggest exaggeration to an excerpt of an article about an athlete that we’ve ever seen?

Eagles fans are mad at Carson Wentz.

Nothing new here, but the origins of their anger have reached an all time pathetic low. This time, it’s Wentz’s comments as quoted by The Athletic where he *gasp* says he prefers Midwest Culture.

All time shocker that a guy born and raised in North Dakota wants to be as close to the middle of nowhere as possible. If the roles were reversed, and any of us Philadelphians were plopped in Tornado Alley we’d probably go insane. I can’t even driving through Lancaster without thinking what a miserable life it’d be outside the city. So yeah, we all have our preferences.

But, it gets better! The Wentz article on The Athletic was taken out of context and actually Carson prefaced his Midwest comments by saying how much he loved Philly, despite its ever apparent differences from his upbringing.

We should have learned with Jimmy Butler that when an athlete leaves, and WANTS to leave, just let it be. We obsessed over his decision and his betrayal. We questioned his commitment to winning, or if he ever cared about Philadelphia’s  “blue collar toughness” like he consistently claimed. Quickly into the year, we realized his reasoning for leaving. And soon enough he was playing in the NBA Finals, long after we had all mentally checked out from the Sixers season.

With every Colts PR stunt Carson Wentz does this week, we continue to trend down the same path we did with Butler.

It’s over. Let it be.

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