Kyle Lowry Dropping Sixers Breadcrumbs?

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Trade deadline is Thursday, things are going to happen. The Sixers almost have to make some type of move. They have a team that is built to win right this moment. They should be big time buyers. The question is who? Well a lot of buzz has been around Kyle Lowry and for good reason. The team could definitely use him and his skill set fits nicely with their current needs.

Also a lot of buzz has come around the fact that he is a Philly guy and has made it clear he wouldn’t mind coming home. And now we’ve got this on his Insta…

What does it all mean!!!?!?!? Probably that he’s just a big Allen Iverson fan. Most likely 100% the case. If he was a free agent I’d be willing to really sell myself on this. I’d be leading the charge that he is on his way back to Philly. But seeing as he would need to be traded here, this is just a good old fashioned liked post. So let’s not get our hopes up too much but I will say this. If he does end up on the Sixers, I’m willing to sell myself that they are the runaway favorite to get to the Finals from the East. Brooklyn who?

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